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Freefalling to the bottom

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A change must come!

People! When will we wake up and see what is happening in our families and communities? How long will we pretend we do not see the utter destruction of the black family and community?  The black community’s acceptance of the behavior of its youth and young adults contributes to its destruction.  Take a look around you. The black community has lived with and observed it males, young and not so young wandering about with their pants sagging for so long that they have given up trying to get these folks to pull up their pants. If the black community does not have the resolve and power of persuasion to get its males to do something as simple as pulling up their pants, how can they be expected to get them to do something that requires a little effort and thought? How can the black community expect its males to make a real effort to find work (a real job), when they cannot persuade them to dress like they are really looking for work? Can the black community expect its males to show respect for others and the community when they show no respect for themselves?

Is the black community asking its males to do what they do not know to do? It is said that Sense to a fool is like music to a mule.  There seems to be a total misunderstanding and disconnect with society and societal norms. What convinced black males that sagging is normal? What convinced them that disrespect for oneself and others is normal? There is the distinct possibility that the ability to discern the difference between right and wrong, correct and incorrect and last but not least good and bad does not come easy to these folks. What in their physic convinced them that ignorance and stupidity is the way of the world? How in the world has it come to this? One must agree that the predisposition to self-destruct, destroy family and community, in all probability, is not normal. In other words, individuals with the ability to make rational and sane decisions probably won’t go out of their way to create hardships for themselves, their families or their community.

If one really observes what is taking place in the black community, it becomes very clear that a lot of self-imposed destruction is taking place. Black males are destroying themselves by their actions. Black families are destroying themselves by allowing black males to introduce their behavior into the homes. Lastly, black communities are destroying themselves by allowing black males to behave in a manner that brings down the community. Their behavior contributes to the decay and decadence of a community. Viable businesses pack up and leave and are replaced with convenience stores plying all kinds of unhealthy food and illegal activity. Well-kept neighborhoods, once occupied by employed, taxpaying occupants are replaced with ill-kept properties occupied by non-taxpaying occupants.

Will black families and communities ever realize that the current behaviors of too many of its black males will not self-correct? Black males, some totally out of touch with reality do not have the will-power to change. Many do not have the courage and intellect to change. Still others do not see the need to change. The changes required must utilize an outside change agent. Heads of households must insist on change. Communities must insist on change.

Some folks thought the current behavior and dress of many black males was a passing fad and would take care of itself. Some thought female insistence on behavioral modification would force them to change. After all, what right-thinking female would want to be caught dead in the company of a male who rear-end is getting more attention than hers? Guess what, neither action has taken place. Matter of fact, things has gotten worse and females are regularly seen in the company of males with their pants sagging. In some instances she is holding one of his hands and he is holding up his pants with the other hand. What right-thinking female wants to be the provider for her so called soul mate? Pitiful does not adequately describe the situation.

Somehow, some way, a change is going to come. It may be change for the worse, before it gets better. However, things will change!


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December 29, 2013 at 7:20 pm

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The Gantt Report: Open letter to President Obama:

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Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

By Lucius Gantt

Dear President Obama:

     Congratulations on your very successful Presidential Campaign and your historic election.

     You know, most people that work or volunteer on political campaigns want a job with the candidate.

     I don’t want a job. I don’t think you would hire an independent thinking and acting African American on your staff anyway. I just have a few small requests of you.

     To help this country and to help all of its citizens, you must be fair and just.

     There will never be change or peace in America until the people feel there is equal rights and justice. You must, as President, demand enforcement of all laws and all of our constitutional rights.

     Those days of different treatment based on race for different courtroom litigants should be over!

     If the US Army is going to be used to protect Israel, then you should send our military to Africa to support exploited and oppressed Africans also.

     Do something in Sudan, Congo and other places where help is needed.

     Your father was an Africa. Your biggest supporters are of African descent. There are more of the world’s resources in Africa. What more reasons do you need to support the Mother Land?

     As President, be accessible Barack. You were known during the campaign for mingling in the crowds at rallies. You shook hands. You held babies. You visited schools, churches and businesses.

     You’ve been advised to drop your friends, disassociate your associates and stay away from everyone that loves you and wants to be close to you.

     As best you can, respond to letters and phone calls from ordinary people, from Black people and from good people.

     The people want change, Barack, and now is the time to give it to them.

     Stevie Wonder could see there was no change in how you ran your campaign. Except for some subtle technology differences, your campaign was just as upsetting as your opponent’s campaign was.

     I know campaign promises are just promises so I don’t expect a drop in the federal deficit without increased taxes or some other form of revenue generation but I to expect better and more sensitive leadership from you than I got from G. W..

     Do the right thing Barack. Preside for all of the people and not just the rich.

     Don’t be afraid to stand up for the people that stood up and voted for you!





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L.C. Thornton

L.C. Thornton

If there is no justice in you, someone will do justice unto you. The just concluded presidential election validates this assertion. The all-out campaign by CTR. (Conservative Talk Radio) and Fox News cable channel to dictate who would face the Republican nominee for president simply backfired and imploded. The wheels came off! The talking heads on these outlets implemented what they called the Stop the Hillary Campaign. They figured John McCain could not defeat Hilary, but could defeat her opponent, Obama. Well, guess what, they were wrong. Read the rest of this entry »

“Sugar Bear” is back in town

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Ronnie Jones and His Uncle recently visited the Old Neighborhood in Roanoke

Ronnie Jones and His Uncle recently visited the Old Neighborhood in Roanoke

Ronnie Jones of Atlanta, recently visited the old neighborhood in East Roanoke.  Shown in this photograph with Ronnie, is his uncle.
Ronnie, who many of us remember as “Sugar Bear” has lived in Atlanta since graduation from Randolph County Training School.   He was a graduate of the class of 1970, and will long be rememberd as the Captain of the R.C.T.S. Bulldog “Drill Team.”
Ronnie lives in Atlanta with his wive, Vicky.

Written by peoplesvoiceweekly

November 4, 2008 at 12:07 am

“Hummer In The Hood”

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This Is How To Ride In Style

This Is How To Ride In Style

Eddie Robert Baker Sports His New Hummer

Eddie Robert Baker Sports His New Hummer

What’s that, a Hummer? 
In East Roanoke!? 
Yeah!  I’m Afraid So. 
Who’s is it?
What’s it doin over here in the hood?

Eddie Robert Baker, known to many folks around Roanoke as “Do-Baby” was spotted recently riding through East Roanoke in his new Hummer.  Of his sporty new chariot, Baker say, “I like it!”

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November 3, 2008 at 11:52 pm

November 16, 2008: Bethlehem Baptist Church Men’s Day

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Standing Rock, Alabama, Rev. W. H. Trammel, pas- tor, wil be held Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 2:00 P.M. Central Standard Time.

The guest minister is Reverend Louis Upshaw, Pastor of the Mount Herman Missionary Baptist Church, Lanett, Alabama, whose choir and ushers, wil serve during the observance. The Early Star Lodge, # 395, Brother M.C. Reeves, Worshipful Master, wil be a special guest of this Men’s Day observance. The theme is: “I go the way of al the earth; be thou strong therefore, and shew thyself a man; and keep the charge of the Lord thy God, to walk his ways. (I Kings 2:2-3)

Deacon Henry Burton will serve as the Emcee for the afternoon. Deacon Burton is a member of the Ozias Missionary Baptist Church in Camp Hil, where Reverend O. C. Stiggers serves as pastor.

Deacon Walter Shephard is Program Chairman, and al men of the community are invited and urged to be present to help Bethlehem Baptist Church to honor Christian Men.

Wedowee Mom Faces Jail Time

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Local friends rally with letters …

“Mother should be where she belongs… Home with her child.”

Local friends of Terill Drake of Wedowee, have started writing letters to the Judge who will pronounce sentence on her for a charge she faces because her boyfriend brought drugs into her home.  The letter-writers hope the Judge’s heart will be touched and leniency will be shown because they say, “Terill does not deserve to go to jail for something her boyfriend did that she didn’t know about.”   Read the rest of this entry »

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October 31, 2008 at 11:59 pm