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The Gantt Report: Open letter to President Obama:

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Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

By Lucius Gantt

Dear President Obama:

     Congratulations on your very successful Presidential Campaign and your historic election.

     You know, most people that work or volunteer on political campaigns want a job with the candidate.

     I don’t want a job. I don’t think you would hire an independent thinking and acting African American on your staff anyway. I just have a few small requests of you.

     To help this country and to help all of its citizens, you must be fair and just.

     There will never be change or peace in America until the people feel there is equal rights and justice. You must, as President, demand enforcement of all laws and all of our constitutional rights.

     Those days of different treatment based on race for different courtroom litigants should be over!

     If the US Army is going to be used to protect Israel, then you should send our military to Africa to support exploited and oppressed Africans also.

     Do something in Sudan, Congo and other places where help is needed.

     Your father was an Africa. Your biggest supporters are of African descent. There are more of the world’s resources in Africa. What more reasons do you need to support the Mother Land?

     As President, be accessible Barack. You were known during the campaign for mingling in the crowds at rallies. You shook hands. You held babies. You visited schools, churches and businesses.

     You’ve been advised to drop your friends, disassociate your associates and stay away from everyone that loves you and wants to be close to you.

     As best you can, respond to letters and phone calls from ordinary people, from Black people and from good people.

     The people want change, Barack, and now is the time to give it to them.

     Stevie Wonder could see there was no change in how you ran your campaign. Except for some subtle technology differences, your campaign was just as upsetting as your opponent’s campaign was.

     I know campaign promises are just promises so I don’t expect a drop in the federal deficit without increased taxes or some other form of revenue generation but I to expect better and more sensitive leadership from you than I got from G. W..

     Do the right thing Barack. Preside for all of the people and not just the rich.

     Don’t be afraid to stand up for the people that stood up and voted for you!





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