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The Gantt Report: We Must Go Back!

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Lucius Gantt

Lucius Gantt

In order for Black people in America to move forward, we must go back!

      The idea that all we have to do is vote and the gates of American Heaven will open up and milk and honey will flow through the hood and ghetto streets will have pot holes filled with gold is just a dream.       In fact, if we think anyone will ever “take care” of us but us, our progress dreams will surely be nightmares!

      In order for African American to improve their American existence, we must do what we came here to do. We have got to make money, our own money!

      From day one, America has been a capitalist society. If you didn’t know, capitalism is based on the golden rule, he who has the gold rules!

      I know you don’t like for me to say this but we were killed by integration promises. You think I’m wrong, you thought Booker T. Washington was wrong and you thought Marcus Garvey was wrong and, more recently, Yahweh Ben Yahweh was wrong in saying we must have our own sources of income and revenue.

      No president, regardless of ancestry, will put Black people first! No police Department will protect Black people first. No bank will loan money to Black people first. No hospital will treat Black people first. No major business will advertise with Black people first.

     In these days, restaurants don’t even want to serve Black people the first piece of chicken or the first slice of watermelon!

      We have to put ourselves first. We have to resurrect our thoughts about Pan Africanism and Black Nationalism.

      If you’re programmed to be scared of those words, just think about being like Jews, Cubans or any other group that puts love of their group before their love for everyone else’s groups.

      We have to go back to our most prosperous American days. We have to revisit he practice of helping each other, taking care of each other and patronizing each other.

      Unemployment is skyrocketing in urban communities but it was miniscule in comparison when we hired each other. Jobs were more secure when most Black folks worked for Black folks.

       Whatever we did before to make money in the United States we can do it again.

      There are Black people today that own hotels but they are ashamed, it seems, to be identified as “Black owned”.  We believe it’s bad to be recognized as a Black journalist, a Black scientist, a Black activist or a Black philosopher.

      We think anything Black is inferior when in fact almost everything productive began in Africa. The first man came from Africa, the first woman came from Africa, the first alphabets came from Africa, the first languages came from Africa, the first governments were in Africa and the first civilizations were in Africa.

      Even your watered down religions have African origins. “Amen” is not just a word said at Sunday school or at the mosque. Amen is the Africa name for God’s messenger. A prayer cannot get to God without calling on “Amen” to take your prayerful message to The All Mighty!

       We have been miseducated. We now have to be re-educated!

       We have to teach our children to be proud of who they are and proud of who we are! We have to believe that we are a family again. We have to work together again. We have to care about each other again. We have to help each other again!

      This idea that we are nothing unless the devil says we are should be abandoned and discredited. This notion that any race, especially our race, is inferior must be rebuked!

      No, we can’t change our existence in America over night but we can change our lives in this generation.

      Together, let’s put our children to work. Why can’t Black children sell Black newspapers? Why can’t Black youth sell lemonade, bake cakes and cook other snacks to sell at Mom and Dad’s job sites and community events?

       Our children must begin to learn how to make money. In these days, everybody in the family that can must generate income for a family to survive. Many of our kids are allowed to beg other family members. Young people must be taught early where sneaker money comes from, where video game money comes from and where purple hair weave money comes from!

       Yes, to move forward, we must go back to taking care of ourselves. If you love God and love your neighbors in the hood, help them get paid! We can’t continue to sing “Kumbya” and expect to survive in an economically depressed American society.

      White folks don’t have any money to give us anyway. We must do for self! (My new book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” will be available in early December and can be ordered from and major book store and on various Internet book purchasing web sites. Contact Lucius at


Written by peoplesvoiceweekly

October 31, 2008 at 6:27 pm

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