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Conceive Believe Achieve It: To save money, one must have “The Right Attitude”

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William L. Luchie

William L. Luchie

          In this time in which we now live in, there is so much negative information being sent out through the radio waves as well as word to mouth. I was speaking with my best friend the other day concerning what was being transmitted through so many vehicles concerning with the economy and the election. It has gotten so bad that when you turn on the radio or television, it is nothing short of depressing and if you would not know better, you would think that the world is going to end tomorrow. Well, for those of you that trust in the Word and have your faith in Christ, He still has things in His control. In addition, I must say this again, what I have just said is not a religious statement. The name of Jesus Christ isn’t a religion as many have made it out to be, so please don’t get caught in what this society say about those of us that believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ called us the Church and that is who we are, “The Church” not what this society has chosen to call us. Here is how I know many us just go to church and fail to study the “Word”. Some of us let the preacher tell you anything and you do not bother to search it out.

       Many of you have gotten in the situation you are now because you did not manage your finances wisely, not because of others, but you fail to map out your financial future. If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. You are your own worse enemy. In addition, for those of you that that think one of these candidates are going to be your deliverer, you have another thing coming. If you do not try to help yourself, do not expect anyone else to do so.

       Saving money is not hard to do; you must have to want to do it. This is not brain surgery, rocket science, or nuclear physics, and you do not need am M.B.A. from Harvard or Wharton to figure out how to do it. You must have to want to try and to what you can. First, dispense with the excuses that get in the way of doing it.

       When your grandmother told you, “A penny saved is a penny earned, “she was wrong! A penny saved is worth two pennies earned after taxes and inflation and with interest in the right account. She probably also told you, “He that is good at excuses is seldom good at anything else.” These time-honored saying rank right up there with “The dog ate my homework,” or “The check is in the mail” or “I never got the bill.” We have all heard them and used them when we were in a tight spot, but sooner or later they don’t work and you have to get post them.

        Here are some excuses to get past:

 1. “I don’t have time to think about it now.” When are you going to get around to it? The cost of procrastination makes you another year older and deeper in credit card debt. You work hard and find time to pay the property owner, the bank, the phone bill, the insurance company, the druggist, the dentist, the gas company, and so on. When do you get around you paying yourself? The sooner you put yourself on your own payroll, the sooner you will fell more in control of where your life is going.

  • 2. “My spouse will just spend it anyway.” Then put the money into a separate account with only your name on it, with is something I should have done when I was married. Let your employer deduct a fixed amount and put it into the company credit union. Open a money market mutual fund and have $100.00 a month deducted from your paycheck. Next year when can purchase the new refrigerator for cash or take that summer vacation to Nassau with using the plastic, you will both be happy that you did it.
  • 3. “My children will drive me crazy if I try this” Children do what they taught to do if you present it to them the right way. Let them get creative with ways to save money. Make it a challenge for them to be frugal. Tell them that whatever they manage to save from household expenses can be added to their allowance: if they put it into a saving account. Start cultivating these habits in them early and maybe one of them will become the next A.G. Gaston.
  • 4. “I work hard so I deserve a few creature comforts.” You also deserve to get more for your money since you work so hard for it. In addition, you deserve to be debt free and to build a comfortable retirement for yourself. None of this will happen unless you make a consistent effort and put some discipline into it. Who is more important in your life than you are?
  • 5. “A couple of dollars won’t make a different.” If you believe this then you would have been paying lots of interest to A.G. Gaston each week. Two dollars a day adds up to $60.00 a month you need to make an extra payment to clear up a hefty credit card balance, purchase a saving bond, or open a mutual fund investment account.

        It is very important that we take control over our personal finances. We as a culture of people must learn to save or we will always be an enslaved people. Many of us are enslaved in that old mindset. Knowing how to keep up with the Jones while sinking more into poverty is a habit that we must break away from while we can. Those of you that are reading this article, take the time to share this with others, especially those men of your household who suppose to lead. Those of us who are African American who are reading this need to stop the downfall of our thinking concerning personal finance and start learning how to build wealth, especially those of you who live in the south. Many of you work for money, you really need to get a clue and start letting money work for you. 

Contact Information:
Conceive, Believe, Achieve It, Inc.
P.O. Box 675
Evans, Georgia 30809
Phone: 706-955-4219    


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