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Griffin Speaks: Twenty-Fifth Law School Reunion

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Greg Griffin

Griffin Speaks By Greg Griffin

On Friday, October 24, 2008 I boarded an Air Tran jet in Atlanta, Georgia and flew to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to attend my 25th Law School class reunion. I had a ball! The Reunion featured classes, which ended in 03’ and 08’. My 1983 law school class had 200 students. On Friday 12 of the 200 students returned for the reunion. I suspected that there might be a low turnout so I contacted a few buddies and they agreed to meet me in Pittsburgh for the weekend. We had a ball! The twelve students that returned for the reunion were all doing very well and I enjoyed seeing them after 25 years. 
When I arrived at the Pittsburgh Airport there was a Thrifty rental car waiting for me. I drove to my three star downtown hotel courtesy of my friends Vince and Rhonda Day. Vince Day, Vice President of Dynamis and a Yale graduate was a Yale football teammate of television celebrity Stone Phillips. I credit Vince Day with much of my law school success. Vince’s wife Rhonda is the General Counsel for a major hospital in Ohio. We met after the reception and the two of them treated me to a wonderful dinner at the very popular restaurant Lidia’s. The following Saturday morning Vince and I drove around and visited some of the places that were important to us during our law school days. Another great friend, Sy Holmes who drove down from Ohio, later joined me. He and I also had a ball. Sy Holmes is a Tax attorney. Sy was the one who convinced me to study for a second law degree in Tax. Sy was also the one who drove me to Boston University School of Law in 1984. I introduced Sy to Bill Cosby’s goddaughter Elaine Jefferson who he would later marry and to that union was born two lovely children. I dropped Sy off downtown so that he could do some shopping and I got together with another law school buddy, Patent Attorney, Ainsel Schwartz. Ainsel one of the smartest lawyers I know was an Engineer before he attended law school. I love to brag that I personally know an engineer that designed something that went up on the space shuttle. Ainsel and I got together and had a very good reunion. I brought him up on what was going on with our law school buddy Murray Felder. Murray is one of America’s best collection attorneys. I like to say, “If someone owes you money you better call Murray Felder. He can make the devil himself pay you back.” That is why he has the reputation of being one of the best collection attorneys in America. 

The dinner was so delicious at Lidia’s on Friday that I convinced Sy to go back to Lidia’s with me on Saturday. I ordered the same dish that I had on Friday. The restaurant was very busy so Sy and I ate at the bar. Sy mentioned to me that we were the only African Americans in the crowded restaurant. I said, “Oh no I see two African American guys sitting way across the room from us.” Sy said, “ Greg that’s a reflection of you and me in the window.” We both laughed. 


On Sunday morning I got up and drove to New Castle, Pennsylvania to visit one of my former groomsmen, David Silverman and his family. David is a member of one of New Castle’s old money families. I had not seen David and his wife since their wedding 12 years ago. I was very impressed that David’s wife Rene Silverman was the exact same size she was 12 years ago. She was also still as beautiful and stunning as ever. You always wonder “ How did he get her?” David is President of Klafters, a family business that has a long history in New Castle. I enjoyed my visit in David and Rene’s beautiful home. They have two beautiful children and a gorgeous dog named Molly. Just before I left New Castle to return to the Pittsburgh Airport David gave me a tour of his business. I always suspected that David was wealthy. My suspicion was confirmed after the tour. I was very happy to see David’s dad Lee Silverman. I met Mr. Silverman 27 years ago and was happy to see that he still looked great at age 74. 


When I finally returned home in Montgomery, Alabama around 7:30 p m Sunday, Debra had cooked a wonderful meal. I showed the family the pictures that I took and told them about the great time I had. In twenty-five years I’ll return and most of my friends and I will be 75 years old. I am looking forward to my 50th Law School Reunion. How was your weekend?


In the words of my dad, “If these gas prices get any higher I am going to buy me a horse!”

Greg Griffin is a free lance writer. You can read his previous articles by visiting his web page at or write to him at P.O. Box 250194 Montgomery, Alabama 36125-0194.


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October 31, 2008 at 7:05 pm

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