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The Gantt Report: Beast II Dead Man Writing

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      Good things come to those who wait. On October 18, 2008 I entered into an agreement with a Miami publishing house to publish my new book.

Lucius Gantt

Lucius Gantt


     “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” will be available in every major bookstore in America including Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million, in department stores like Target and on worldwide Internet sites like Amazon and E-BayThis book just may be my last hurrah as an editorial columnist. I’m waiting to voice my opinion about the 2008 elections but the book should be available for purchase as Christmas and other holiday gifts, for Martin Luther King celebrations and for Black History Month activities.


     Teachers and professors will be able to use this book in their lesson plans because “Dead Man Writing” will include the blueprint. Throughout my career, I have tried to tell the truth…..but not the whole truth. This time I intend to tell it all!


     I know a lot about politics and I plan to reveal all I know. I know a little about Black economics in white and capitalistic America and I’ll share some tidbits about that. I’m going to write about religion, relationships, culture, sports and entertainment. I’m going to pour my literary heart out!


     Our people have been trained like parrots are trained to repeat the words said to them, live the lives that have been set for them and to love the people that hate them.


     Ever since slavery days we have been running away but we’ve been running in circles. We’ve been in a maze. We’ve been in a psychological cage. We’ve been in an economic trap.


     But God has blessed us with a guide. “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” will be the key to Black survival, Black understanding and vigorous Black action in self defense of ourselves, our families, our communities, our values 

and our lives.


     Yeah, I want to go out with guns blazing! I want to write columns that people will remember. I want my last editorial columns to live past my life.


This book should be passed down from generation to generation.


     Why? Because our people need all of the knowledge, all of the wisdom and all of the truth the truth that they can possibly get and I’m not scared to tell them!


     No, I’m not a scholar or professor like some columnists you like are. I’m not a Negro with a title or job appointment. And, I’m not a Bozo paid by the devil to clown you while I masquerade as an newsman, informer or educator.


     I’m a reformed gangster, sort of an educated thug, that is now a religious priest in training and a Black Nationalist Freedom Fighter! I’m not afraid to write. I’m not afraid to die.


     Everything you want to read but may be afraid to say or hear will be in my new book that will in fact be available everywhere before the Christmas Holidays.


      For those interested in pre-orders or autographed copies, contact me at my website. The book is affordable, will be illustrated by Hip Hop Artist Lance Scurvin and will sell for only $19.99.


     Thank you in advance for your tolerance of me and your support of all I have written.


      “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” is for you. God gave me the gift and the courage to share the truth with you! (“Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”, available wherever fine books are sold in December 2008.

Contact Lucius to plan book signings or speaking engagements at


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