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L.C. Thornton

L.C. Thornton

The unremitting go to the polls and vote your consequence drumbeat rolls on.  Facts as well as lies are plastered all over the place in an effort to tear down one candidate while building up another. Both parties are good at this. The handlers, speech writers, and campaign ad folks are the ones getting out the message. People are paid huge sums of money to do whatever is necessary to get a candidate elected. These folks have no qualms about getting down and playing dirty politics. Dirty politics are not a new phenomenon. Dirty politics has been practiced for generations. There is a big difference in how dirty politics play in elections today as opposed to yesteryear. The most glaring difference is the number of potential voters this stuff reaches. Initially it was by word of mouth, signs and campaign buttons. Printing presses helped spread the news. Radio came next, then television, then cable television and finally the internet.   Millions of people can hear and see the same thing at the same instance all over this nation as well as the world. This rapid transmission of communication is good most of the time.  However, today it is misused.  Once something that is not factual and lacks creditability is posted on the net or flashed on regular television and cable networks, it is very difficult to contain or rebut it.

Professional campaign managers and their staff spend hours pouring over and developing ways to persuade the public that the candidate and sometimes party they represent is best suited to be in office.  Each voting cycle bring out new ideas and the envelope of dirty politics is pushed a little further. Most of the voting public is aware of this and have developed a degree of cynicism unimagined a decade ago.  Many voters believe little of what most politicians proclaim in their pursuit of office. This is why the favorability of our elected officials in Washington is so low.

How can Washington reclaim the confidence of the voting public? For starters, start telling the public truth. Sooner of later it will come out anyway. Spend less time trying to assure re-election and more time taking care of the public’s business. Live by the old adage that says” It is not who it right, it is what is right.” Remove the line drawn in the sand and firmly entrenched between the two major political parties. Finally, wrest the power usurped by lobbyists, the banking industry and the military industrial complex and put it back where it belongs-in congress.

It is important that you vote-Not only in national elections, but locals as well. Doing more at the local level is necessary if we are to make a difference in our nation. Do not vote and then go back to doing business as usual. There is much work to be done by all at all levels of government Let others do for you what they must do. Do for yourself what you must do for yourself.


Written by peoplesvoiceweekly

October 24, 2008 at 10:30 pm

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