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Why Are McCain/Palin Supporters So Angry?

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Barbara Evans

Barbara Evans

By Barbara Evans

Strange things are happening.  A ballot sent out to 300  absentee voters in Renssalaer County, New York listed Barack Obama as Barack Osama. Those responsible said it was a typo.  Yeah, right.
And inflammatory rhetoric on Saturday, October 11 continued when, a local Christian pastor in Iowa called for God to deliver a victory for the Arizona senator during his invocation at a McCain rally. Pastor Arnold Conrad said, “There are millions of people around this world praying to their god, whether it’s Hindu, Buddha, Allah, that his opponent wins, for a variety of reasons. And Lord, I pray that you will guard your own reputation, because they’re going to think that their god is bigger than you, if that happens.” On Sunday, October 12, McCain made headlines when he said he was going to “whip” Obama’s “you know what” in Wednesday’s debate.

At a Palin rally earlier in the week, Governor Palin referred to Senator Obama as a man connected to “a former domestic terrorist.” She said she was “fearful” of his vision of America.  Meanwhile, Obama said nothing about McCain’s early years of affiliation with a group that included neo-nazis and other radicals.  Neither charge was really newsworthy, but trust the McCain/Palin camp to go there.

While Palin was speaking about Obama, an audience member yelled out “kill him.” It”s unclear if Palin heard the remark, but she did not respond.  John McCain did respond to a voter at one of his rallies, saying that Obama was a good man.  It sure was better than referring to Obama as “that one”, as McCain did during the second debate.

Former McCain backer Frank Schaeffer, a pro-life Christian author, son of evangelist Francis Schaeffer and lifelong Republican, has written to McCain telling him that McCain and Palin are “deliberately fueling the most unhinged element of our society; the red meat of hate”. 

Why are McCain/Palin supporters so angry?  They’ve had the White House for 8 years and had congress up until 2007.  Is it arrogance:  how dare you challenge me?  A good friend of mine thinks he has the answer.  He thinks the McCain/Palin rhetoric is deliberately designed to fuel the fires of racism and fear because that is the only way McCain/Palin can win.  My friend said, “They (McCain/Palin) know that African Americans will respond to defend Obama, and unfortunately some will respond with anger, which spurs news articles, and keeps race at the forfront of this election.  Hmmm.  My friend could be correct.  But another friend thinks that McCain started out honorably, and then got sucked in to what his handlers wanted in his lust to win.  You can be sure, if she is correct, that the McCain presidency will have the same problems as the Bush presidency.

The other factor is of course fear.  Fear breeds anger, and anger breeds hate.  Fear of the unknown has pushed many a person to a poor reaction.  Whether it be fear of losing control, fear of the unknown, fear of a man leading our country who is African American….fear is a real problem for sure.

The anger and hatespeak is hopefully not representative of the country that was born from immigrants wanting a free existence.  It is certainly not the attitude of a majority Christian nation.  This election is bringing out the very worst in some people, but thank God it is bringing out the best in others.

Pray for those who are consumed by anger and hate, that they may be healed.  Pray for  the candidates that they not be the victims of the hate and anger that may threaten their lives.  Pray for our nation that we can rise above this.  We can do better.


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