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The Gantt Report: If White Folks Could Cut Nappy Hair

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Lucius Gantt

Lucius Gantt

If white folks could cut nappy hair or glue on colored hair weaves, we might not even patronize Black barber shops and beauty salons!

By Lucius Gantt     A good friend of mine recently gave me a unique perspective about most of America’s African American communities.     He said Black neighborhoods in 2008 were little more than modern-day “off plantation housing”! New millennium economic chains have replaced the iron and steel chains that bound us 400 years ago!

       Homes that cost $400,000 are merely modern day slave quarters that our people will never own outright but will go to their graves trying to make the required payments.

      Predatory moneychangers watch over Black borrowers at the request of foreign investors and international thieves.


     Twenty-first century slave masters have no need for whips in today’s Black households. They don’t need to instruct Black people to go here or go there.


    Today’s neo-Negroes will report to the slave masters on their own, voluntarily. They will pay rent to shelter themselves in the poorest of housing complexes. They will pay higher prices than any other community at the Magic Markets and other convenience stores in the urban and rural ghettos.


     Even during slavery days there were some Black people that were free. Many had homes and farms. Some Blacks had prosperous businesses.


     Today, the stores, hotels, restaurants, dry cleaners, taxi companies, movie theaters, dance halls, insurance companies, media companies and other business we owned are now owned by in-state carpetbaggers that suck the economic life blood out of our neighborhoods like a devilish vampire and transplant those dollars to every other section of town.


     I know many people that will drive past five Black-owned auto repair shops and past ten “shade  tree mechanics” just to over pay for the same needed repairs at a place like Pep Boys or Midas.


    If white folks could cut nappy hair or glue on colored hair weaves, we might not even patronize Black barber shops and beauty salons!


     I suggest that we run away from that slave mentality. We need to believe in ourselves and believe in each other.


     Even in the world of opinion writing, Black columnists, and many Black newspaper publishers, feel a column isn’t a good column unless it reacts to white media stories. “Write about Obama. Write about the war. Write about Bush”, they say.

     I can do that and sometimes I do but my intent with The Gantt Report is not to mimic the klu klux kolumnists. I write what I think will educate, motivate and inspire my people to rise up, stand up, get up and work together to save our communities.

(Gantt’s new book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” is coming very soon and will be illustrated by Lance Scurvin. Contact Lucius at


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