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By Marilyn Bledsoe Ray  

NOTE: This writer assumes sole responsibility for the content of this article.  MARILYN BLEDSOE RAY 


      Citizens of Heard County, you will not find information in your Heard County publications regarding actions of the Heard County Commission or the Tax Assessors Board that these county governmental agencies DO NOT want published.  No more letters to the editor on topics related to these boards will be published. 

This writer had the privilege of reporting FACTS to Heard citizens through published articles.  Some individuals in elected positions objected to my “investigative” reporting.  In other words they want to keep certain facts from the public.  One commissioner has stated that this writer’s articles were turning the official news organ into a tabloid, a scandal sheet.  Another public official opposed, in writing, publication of the information articles by stating that the “negative” news divides the community.  What or who created the negative facts?  Would not the negative actions cause dissension?  The newspaper that published articles about these boards has declared a moratorium; therefore, I hope to reach citizens through the Peoples Voice. 


Georgia law demands open government, yet, citizens must be guardians of this right.  Form groups for Open and Responsible Government.  Organized, citizens can take turns attending meetings of Heard County’s governmental boards..  Abuse of power is dangerous and should not be tolerated. 


Written by peoplesvoiceweekly

October 17, 2008 at 1:03 am

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