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The Ripple Effect….

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Shirley HinesMy question to citizens of Hogansville, Troup  and Coweta county is…

What impact will a regional landfill in Meriwether County have on the surrounding areas. Air quality and pollution effects everyone.


Enviromental racism can be defined as the intentional placement of hazardous waste sites, landfills, incinerators, and polluting industries in communities inhabited mainly by African-American, Hispancis, Native Americans, Asians, migrant farm workers and the working poor.  

Environmental racism is also a kind of racial discrimination in policy-making and decision-making.   It involves race-based differential enforcement of environmental rules and regulations; the intentional or unintentional targeting of minority communities for the sitting of polluting industries such as toxic waste disposal; and the exclusion of people of color.


Minorities are particularly vulnerable because they are perceived as weak and passive citizens who will not fight back against the poisoning of their neighborhood in fear that it may jeopardize jobs and economic survival.


Attentive people have noticed that a disproportionate number of waste handling facilities (dumps, sewage plants, reprocessing plants, consolidation stations), industrial facilities that emit toxics (refineries, plastics manufacturers, foundries, etc.


Therefore, those who are neighbors of Meriwether County ought to be equally concerned about the potential hazards that are sure to arise from a regional solid waste landfill being placed on a Municipal watershed.


The Meriwether Branch of the NAACP is hoping that all citizens will look closely at this issue, and make the commitment to stand up for the future welfare of those who will be most affected by the landfill —  You.


Written by peoplesvoiceweekly

June 20, 2008 at 2:45 pm

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