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Meriwether Landfill: “The Right Development At The Right Time In The Wrong Place”

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Evelyn Zarate300 feet from Blue Creek… All we need is a good storm like the ones they are having up in Iowa and Missouri and we, too will realize that this is definitely the wrong place for the landfill.  Who’s to say this can’t happen here?   


In discussing the Turkey Run Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Commissioner Charles Neely has quoted the Greek poet’s and theologian’s words of wisdom; however, those words are not relevant to this particular project. 

 I applaud Mr. Neely for being able to quote words of wisdom. 


But, here are some more words of wisdom for you to ponder:  “He who walks straight and tells no lies doesn’t trip when having to walk backwards.” If you will recall, not long ago Mr. Neely opposed the landfill.  But, after being elected to office, he had a change of heart — and mind.  Disappointment is the bitter taste that some of the people who supported him now have. When the time comes for him to ask for their support again, I hope he will remember this, because I know they will.        

                                                                                                                                               Commissioner Neely is not the only one who now conveniently views the landfill as the right development for Meriwether County.  Back in February, the Hogansville City Council stated that “We must reduce our water usage by 10% monthly.” Obviously the council is attempting to restrict its constituent’s water usage so that more water will be available to sell to Meriwether Industrial Park.


More words of wisdom for you: “You can’t have it all”.   No matter how pretty a picture Greenbow paints, it is not going to bring in lots of jobs. Unless you consider healthcare jobs.  Lots of those will be needed to care for the people who end up seriously ill or dead as a results from contamination brought on by the landfill.


Think people.


Meriwether’s population was more than 22,000 in 2000. Wasn’t that enough people to have some kind of healthcare facility? Everyday new things are happening.  More people are becoming aware of what is going on with the landfill project.


As Mr. Neely so aptly put it, the Industrial Park that is envisioned is indeed a golden opportunity.  It will be golden for the real estate investors and tax collectors.   I would also like for you to think about this:  How many times have you heard of companies moving into a community and then leaving after a few years because whatever tax breaks they were given have run out and they either cannot afford to stay or simply choose to relocate for other reasons?  (i.e. Ford Motor Company in Atlanta).


The community is then left barren, overwrought with empty buildings the community  can’t find new tenets for.  These buildings either deteriorate or are vandalized and cost the citizens and tax-payers money. 


I don’t want anyone to get the idea that any of us are against progress.  True, the industrial park may be a good thing and bring jobs, however the landfill is a completely different thing.   We don’t have to have a landfill to have an industrial park.  In fact often times having a landfill close by will stop companies from locating in the area, due to all the things that landfills are known for.


Greenbow and it’s supporters claim that landfills have no odors. Come on people!  Even those that have been constructed in recent years smell when you drive by them. I know that landfills have come a long way, but a skunk is still a skunk.  Covering a landfill daily may help cut down on the smell, but will not eliminate it, just like deskunking a skunk does not completely rid it of it’s natural aroma.   


At this moment, Meriwether County roads are not even ready for the physical strain of tons of garbage trucks. Who’s going to pay for the roads to be upgraded when they deteriorate?   I know who, the taxpayers.   To this day, the county hasn’t even paved all of the non-paved roads.   I wonder if that $100,000 is going to cover those costs.   You can bet that burden, too will be born by the taxpayers instead of Greenbow. And who’s to say that all the anticipated industries are going to give me or you those 600 jobs they plan on providing?  


I remember my daddy used to say, “ you can dress a pig in fine clothing, but it’s still a pig”. 



Evelyn Zarate

Opponent against the landfill not progress



Written by peoplesvoiceweekly

June 20, 2008 at 2:21 pm

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