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The State of Your Dark Skin Mind

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Michael C. Jackson

Now I know those of us from the dark skin community have become excited with hope because of the ever increasing popularity of Barack Obama for president. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited as well. This period in history has revealed that America as whole is seriously considering nominating a person of color to represent the democratic party as front runner for the presidency. Just the astmosphere alone has given hope to all people of color. This alone is monumental. However, before we of the dark skin community get out of control with glee here’s some grounding insights. Barack Obama’s mother is an American caucasian and his father is Kenyan African. Personally not a problem who cares. The point i’m trying to make is that the relationship to the dark skin community is a reach for us. It doesn’t quite fit our profile. Do you think a person of dark skin complexion with the same charisma and track record as Obama could have made it this far? Come on be honest. That’s my point. The State Of Your Dark Skin Mind goes beyond current events.   

We live and breathe real life circumstances that so easily are overlooked.   This dark skin community is not racial driven, religous driven or even class driven. It’s just a community of folk with a voice for a change. Don’t you still find another dark skin person repulsive? Why is that? How many dark skin friends doyou have? Would you really want another dark skin person for a mate? This is why this dark skin community is formed. Wehave some serious issues that haven’t really consistently been addressed. One of the goals of this community is to go beyond those barriers that so easily beset us. To do so is to get butt naked and look at the or reasons why we as a dark skin community are so jacked up.  The StateOf Your Dark Skin Mind has to under go some reprogramming. Now I don’t mean drink the kool-aid, we already did that. I mean taking a honest look at our families, friends, colleagues and anyone that was instrumental in painting this negative image we have ofourselves. This is why something like this is needed. Now we can collectively begin to love the idea of dark skin and not wish we were born someone else. Our hope for change lies internally first and externally second. Looking for outside stimuli to solve our internal plight is only to deceive

The deception that we have grown accustom to is through so called inteligence, money, power, education and family influence. Hiding behind these things is an illusion that continues to mask the pain we pretend not to have. How many dark skin people do you know that you could confide in or that you look up to? You will be suprised at the size of the dark skin community in the US alone. When have you seen a group of dark skin people gather togetherfor some common cause? Why is that? The State Of Your Dark Skin Mind has been suppressed by ignorance and unfounded fear. Quiet as it’s kept we are paralyzed by a fear that we can’t even identify. Just the mere thought of a dark skin collective generates fear. Why is that? It’s time to personally get rid of the shackles and move beyond the color. But I must warn you it will be painful. It will be difficult because we have lived alie for so long to admit to hatingyour dark skin because people you wanted to accept you rejected you deserves dissecting. Why in the world do we value someone else’s opinion over our own. How can I be a doctor of medicine and feel inferior? Some of these examples have nothing to do with the shade of a person’s skin. But when you introduce a person with dark skin into the equation the issues intensifies. Why is that?


This State Of Your Dark Skin Mind Report is meant to unravel some tightly woven belief systems that are in place. Just remember our actions are results of learned behaviour. How we think, what we believe and our perceptions havebeen learned. So you learned to hate your own dark skin. Who would teach such a thing? How do you reverse the process? Will you allow yourself to be whole?

First comes the crawl, then the steps, jog and finally the ability to run right past your current misperceptions. The state of your dark skin mind is full of optimistism. Imagine getting past the bull crap! The scales over your eyes lifted and a whole new you unveiled. Life on your terms for a change. Rejection now viewed as only a variable in life that must be due to mankinds inhibited evolution that’s beyond your control. You now operate out of that in which you know to be true. A person of dark skin is just that a person of dark skin. Nothing more nothing less. The dark skin definition as it relates to the world around you is what you allow it to be. Anything other than something positive is the enemy of the truth. Your dark skin is no way shape or form a productof something negative. This

has been the first installment of The State Of Your Dark Skin Mind.  
Michael C. Jackson



Written by peoplesvoiceweekly

March 25, 2008 at 9:36 pm

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