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Meriwether’s Newest Commissioner Appeals Proposed Landfill

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T-P-V Staff Reports

Meriwether County, Georgia

Commissioner Freddie Hines

Citizens of Meriwether County, troubled over the prospect of a regional landfill being placed on a municipal watershed, are making their objections known in an effort to invalidate the permit authorizing the landfill, issued by the Meriwether County Commission last year.


One such citizen, Freddie Hines, the newest Commissioner elected in November to the Meriwether County Commission, made his objection known by writing and filing his own appeal several weeks ago.


Hines petitioned The Office of State Administrative Hearings, State Of Georgia, for a hearing to oppose the Solid Waste Handling Permit, previously granted by the Director of the Environmental Protection Division of Georgia, to Greenbow, LLC of Montgomery.

The proposed site of the landfill is 1.5 miles north of the town of Lone Oak, Georgia.


In his appeal, which has been granted, Hines raised legal issues noting that the permit is procedurally defective because one commissioner voting on the Host Agreement had a conflict of interest, the permit is invalid because the applicant failed to follow state laws regarding development around a historic/slave cemetery, the permit is invalid because EPD failed to consider the environmental injustice and toxic racism,


Commissioner Hines served the appeal on January 22, 2008 on Dr. Carol Couch, Director, Environmental Protection Division in Atlanta; Greenbow, LLC, in Montgomery, and Thurbert E. Baker, Georgia State Attorney General, Atlanta.


Hines’ wife, Shirley Grier Hines, who is president of Meriwether County’s newly re-organized NAACP branch is also working through the NAACP to protest the location of this landfill in the Lone Oak Community.  Mrs. Hines notes that the majority of the residents who will be most affected by the landfill are African American. 


The NAACP is currently holding meetings in Meriwether County, to mobilize citizens who are concerned over the landfill as well as other issues of concern.


In upcoming editions of The People’s Voice, relevant aspects of the landfill issue will be further explored as we are able to interview other individuals about their concerns over the regional landfill.


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March 14, 2008 at 6:23 pm

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