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Former Auburn City Councilwoman Gives Up “Seat On The Council” for “Seat In The Kingdom”

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Auburn, Alabama —
Former Auburn City Councilwoman,Verlinda J. White has traded her seat on the Auburn City Council, for a “Seat In The Kingdom.” White, who served as a member of Auburn City Council from 2002 until 2006, was ordained as an Evangelist January 7, 2007, and will preach her first sermon during the 8:00 A.M. Sunday Morning Worship Service, February 11, at God’s House Of Prayer’s Camp Hill Center.

“I see being in the ministry as God’s way of letting me know that I was faithful over a few things and now He has given me more to do in Kingdom building,” White stated in a recent interview with The Voice.

Professionally, Verlinda White, 51 has quite an impressive Vitae.  She has a lengthy record of educational achievement from her earliest beginnings at Boykin Street Elementary School in Auburn, to her MA in Rehabilitation Counseling at Auburn University and everything in between. 

Early in her professional career, she distinguished herself in the field of Child Development, and in her church home at God’s House of Prayer Holiness Church (House Of Prayer, Inc), Auburn, where Bishop Frank McLeod is Pastor.  

She is an Ordained Missionary, Sunday School Teacher, Coordinator of Special Church Events, Mass Choir, Praise Team & Soloist

“I have known for years that I had a special work to do in life but it became more evident in the year 2000.

I had begun to sense a change in things that I liked to do; places I liked to go; and people I liked being around. I was kinda getting sick and tired of being sick and tired and had no peace.  However, I did not seek out God at that time.  

I really was doing just what the Bible says not to do… I was leaning to my own understanding. However in July 2001, I knew it was time to totally submit myself to the Lord. I became faithful in Sunday School, Bible Study, Tarrying Service, Worship Service, the Choirs and any and everything there was to do with furthering the ministry.  I learned how to pray and was so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Over the last 6 years many men and women of God have spoken over me and have acknowledged the gift in me.  The Lord showed me being about His business time and time again in dreams and visions. 

However, I was always reminded to wait until the appointed time.  My Pastor is my Spiritual Father and has done an excellent job in helping me with the preparation…for such a time as this.  I might say that he has been really hard on me but it was for my benefit.  

I am most grateful for the leadership, guidance and teaching that I have been given. The most important thing is that I have had a leader who lives the life he preaches and teaches.   What a great example!

The Lord has assured me that I am a vessel but I am not God.  He let me know that He saved me, delivered me and raised me for one purpose only and that is to give Him glory.  It is all about leading others to Christ through teaching, preaching and living a holy life 24/7.  

I have and I am truly enjoying living the life He has purposed for me. When I look back over my life, I am so grateful that God in His mercy spared me and saw fit to turn my life around for his service.

If it had not been for the Lord on my side ― I would not be here today. Yes, I am one satisfied sister in Christ.”

White was asked what, if any apprehensions she may have as a woman entering into a field that some Christians believe to be inappropriate for women.

“As far as explaining or defending my calling in the Lord, I say all is well. The Word of God let’s me know that the Holy Ghost will make room for your gifts. I don’t fight anybody or their belief, I just be ready whenever God opens the door of utterance for me. I have been speaking for about the last four years at churches and other events ― always somewhere trying to tellsomebody about the goodness of Jesus and His saving power. 

It is not so much of what we say but how we live and show love to others.” Evangelist White extends the invitation to the public to come out and share with her in her first sermon as an Ordained Evangelist.

For more information about God’s House of Prayer, Inc., The church’s website address is




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January 26, 2007 at 3:40 pm

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  1. I have personally witnessed her live the life that she preaches and she will always point others to christ, because of Verlinda I have given myself over to be used by the Lord! I thank God day in and day out for her! Velinda whenever you read this know that I love you and and I appreciate you!I have accepted the Lord for my all and all! I love you!

    Raven Yates

    July 30, 2013 at 5:49 pm

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